Sell Your Tri-Cities Home

Dear Homeowner,

Most agents promise to sell your home for the "most money possible in the least amount of time."

And sure, that's not a bad place to begin.  It's a good promise.

But, what if you need something else?

What if we knew that your home would be worth $100,000 more for just a few thousand in cosmetic repairs?

Wouldn't you want to know that?

One Size Never Fits All

We start every real estate project by building your Road Map.

Simply put, this is a custom plan that's designed to help clarify what's important to you.

This way we can make choices quickly and easily.

We help prioritize your move including:

  • Risk Reduction- What would you do if the market shifts? What would you do about
  • Financial Picture: What is important on this move?
  • Home Availability/ Staging:  Are you willing to keep the home in "show ready" condition the whole time, or do you have other needs?
  • Pricing- Is getting the most money the most important thing?  Or is having an offer that handles the rest of the details?
  • Timing- When, exactly, do you want to move? What would a "perfect" situation look like for you?
  • Transaction Smoothness: This is how all the details work out.

Your Real Estate Roadmap will help us make decisions throughout the process.  So when an offer comes in we'll know if it will work with your roadmap (or not).  We'll be able to tell if we did a good job.

Today's real estate environment is changing fast. Interest rates are finally going up from their historic lows.  That will put pressure on prices because fewer people will qualify for your home. What do we do about that?

A Plan That Fits Your Goals.

Only when we have a roadmap we

This will include:

  • Pricing: We'll price your home expertly so you hit the sweet spot that dials in to your goals.
  • Video: Yes, we live in a video world.  So we'll make it fun and do a happy and fun video tour.
  • Staging: Showing your home in its best light is important. That's why we help to stage every home we list.
  • Social Media Advertising: Buyers live on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  We'll spend the money required to list your home.
  • Photography: We'll use expert photography to show buyers the best parts of your home. This will tell the "story" of your home.
  • Copywriting: We want our buyers to imagine themselves in your home.  Great copy will help that happen.
  • Follow Up: the Market speaks, and we will listen to feedback and respond when appropriate.

All of this is the tip of our iceberg.  

When you ask for a custom plan, you'll get a custom plan that's tailored to your needs.

Every home is different, every home has different needs.