Don't Chase Outdated Listings On Real Estate Search Sites!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to rely on outdated information in real estate search sites. Sites like Trulia, Zillow and even Realtor.Com will have listing information that is designed to do one thing:

These sites trick unsuspecting buyers into clicking and calling by showing "semi-available" homes.

The truth is, many of the homes listed are no longer available. Their home is off the market, under contract.  Or it's simply overpriced and won't appraise for the value it's listed for.

Builders even advertise homes that don't have their permits yet, the sites refresh at random times, and in the Tri-Cities the market is HOT.

Finally, homes take sometimes a few days to make it from the MLS (the data that Realtors protect) to the third-party sites.

That's why you need an agent. So the homes you look at are the homes you can have.

I'm going to ask you to do something kind of unusual.
I promise it'll help you Get A home.

Instead of instant gratification and fantasy, let's work together to do what it takes.

You can look at pictures and fantasize, or you can start the process of getting a new home here in the Tri-Cities.

When you click the link below, it will send you to a form.  That begins the process of your Real Estate Roadmap. You'll fill in the form (it's got some details) and I'll get to work.

I might call to ask some clarifying questions.

Then we'll take a quick tour of 3 properties. We'll see if this is the right way to start and then we'll work together.

This is the best way for you to "sample" my service.  After we spend the time looking at homes, we'll then work together on your Real Estate Roadmap.

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Chris Johnson, Broker is the team lead at Tri-Cities Home Guide at EXP Realty.

When not helping people buy and sell Tri-Cities real estate, he can be found blogging, making videos, smoking random things on his Traeger or taking his family on a Jeep ride through the national forest. He writes about himself in the third person. He can be reached at chris@tricitieshomeguide.com or 509-318-5910, or via the contact page.